The Drawbridge Difference

USA Mathematical representations of real world systems. Control models are of the system under development. Plant models are of the components with which it interacts. Model Based Software Development Testing that the model represents the real system with sufficient fidelity. Definition of what the system does to insure it meets the needs of all stakeholders Model in the Loop - testing control model software with a simulated plant. Software in the Loop - testing implemented software with a simulated plant. Hardware in the Loop – testing software on target hardware with a simulated plant. The software that actually runs on the target controller. Definition of how software can satisfy the requirements. Creation of software to run on the target hardware. The process of putting the pieces of the system together. Checking that the completed system meets the defined requirements.

During the past 15 years, Drawbridge Engineers have designed and implemented numerous software, hardware, embedded and test solutions for a wide variety of industries. Drawbridge helps its customers reduce time to manufacture, increase yield, broaden product verification, reduce test time and stay within budget by deploying accurate, reliable and efficient systems. Our Engineers bring their vast knowledge to every application and constantly look for ways to improve and push the technical envelope.

When customers come to Drawbridge, we assess their needs and select the appropriate design model that best fits the situation, such as Agile, V-model, Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral or Prototype models. Drawbridge can offer any services within the design model to work with your designers and development team.

Drawbridge History

2001: Drawbridge is incorporated to provide consulting services in the telecom, biomedical, aerospace, and test automation.

2004: Drawbridge offers full turnkey solutions for software, hardware design services and delivers mechanical test fixtures.

2006: Hardware design services are extended to include RF products.

2015: The LabVIEW software architecture framework evolves into the Flexshell TM product.

2016: Drawbridge celebrates 15 years in business.

Drawbridge Expertise

Customers can choose the level of service they wish to obtain for their project. When customers come to Drawbridge with a new design request, we:

  • Define a list of requirements.
  • Assign a lead Engineer to the client.
  • Select the appropriate design model or strategy.
  • For software projects, we use the best architecture to design and implement the solution.
  • Ensure the solution scales and adapts with the customer's changing needs.
  • Test and validate the solution.

Featured Drawbridge Expert



Technical Strengths:

C, C++, LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows-CVI, SQL, VxWorks, GNU-C, Embeded Linux, Unix, JTAG Boundary Scan, ARINC-429, RS-485, Perl, SSH.

Past Experience

Hardware design, Biomedical Engineering, Software Development (Embedded and Application), Industrial Controls, Robotics, Wireless Telecommunication, Database.

Drawbridge Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

Everything! There is no routine in what I do. The unexpected is always a fun challenge. I am part of a multitude of different projects, which keeps me constantly learning and pushing the envelope. I apply the best practices based on customer needs from architecture of a new system to implementing the entire solution.

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