Drawbridge Announces New Website

Monday, July 3, 2017

Drawbridge is pleased to announce the release of our new website. This is our first official website with a modern look and impactful presentation of information regarding its services and expertise.

In the past, Drawbridge has been successful through "word-of-mouth", getting new contracts by referrals. As we continue to grow, we need to make our presence known on the World Wide Web. New and old customers will discover that "we're into" many facets of technology and can provide various services that contribute to their success. The new website connects visitors with useful information about our expertise and resources to learn about the services that we provide; it is user-friendly and designed to quickly find the content you are looking for. Listed below are some highlights from the site.

Hardware Services
The Hardware Services page covers areas which often supplement the software services that Drawbridge provides, such as System Integration. Although our primary service is software, we aim to balance our service offerings with Hardware to provide full turnkey solutions for design and testing.

Software Services
The Software Services page provides details on the various types of software services that Drawbridge offers with brief descriptions of current and past projects.

Yes! Drawbridge does have products. Whether it is a custom test fixture, a rack-mount PC, or using FlexShell TM for a LabVIEW project, Drawbridge can help customers bridge the gap between concepts and reality.

Drawbridge Difference 
Let us show you the Drawbridge Difference! Drawbridge serves as a trusted Engineering partner, working with you, our customers, to make sure you get the comprehensive solution that you need.

Are you the best in your field? Are you looking for a challenge that is never a routine? Do you want to push the envelope? We are always looking for great talent and only hire the best. It is what our customers expect.

Social Media
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Enjoy the new website! Do take some time to complete our Contact form and tell us what you think. We will consider your feedback as we update the website in the future and improve how to connect with you.

Featured Drawbridge Expert



Technical Strengths:

Assembler, C, C++, C#, SmallTalk, ADA, Pascal, Perl, JAVA, SQL, Java Scripts, PHP, ASP, HTML, XML,VxWorks, Integrity, DSP, ENEA OSEck, Linux, Embedded Software, Real-Time OS.

Past Experience

Driver development for embedded OS, Board Support Packages (BSP), GigE Vision Systems, Single Board Computers, PBX, wireless access terminal. Software applications for aviation trainers, web, data acquisition systems. Support various processor architectures and compilers.

Drawbridge Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

There are always opportunities to expand creativity by being involved in a project from inception to production. I participate in prototyping, designing, developing, integrating and testing the products I help to develop. There is diversity in software development. I enjoy the challenge to write code that is efficient, readable, robust and well documented.

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