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Drawbridge Engineers have proven experience creating and implementing custom software solutions for a wide variety of applications, written in the appropriate language for the application. Working closely with the clients allows to focus on the Requirements Specifications that set the guidelines to ensure that we meet expectations; thus keeping costs to a minimum.

In situations when the target product is not available, Drawbridge develops models to simulate the target environment that the software will integrate with. Design errors can be detected and corrected early when working closely with the hardware design team by providing feedback from observations made while creating the model.

Recent Projects

Additional Projects

Dev. Platform Industry Project Type Project Summary
Guidance System Simulator LabVIEW, CAN Agricultural HIL
Expand Summary Developed a LabVIEW-based system to simulate a vehicle using the actual guidance system based on the GPS simulation. The simulator was augmented by creating two simultaneously-functioning, coordinated instances representing a vehicle pulling an implement. The size and shape of the fields were determined from satellite images.
Laser Lens Polishing Machine LabVIEW, Motion toolkit Optical HIL
Expand Summary Developed software to predict the resulting surface of a lens based on actual surface scans, nozzle selection and desired flatness. Once the predicted surface is acceptable, the software controls the motion of step motors to move a spray nozzle across the lens based on the set parameters.
Production Monitor LabVIEW, DAQ Food HIL
Expand Summary Created the hardware and software solution to obtain downtime data on a production line by monitoring the voltage to the motors driving the line. The software provides statistical data on line interruptions.
Aeromagnetic Survey System LabVIEW, DAQ Mining HIL
Expand Summary Improved an existing helicopter electromagnetic survey system using NI hardware (PXI chassis with 24 bit DAQ). The original software was converted from C to LabVIEW and the spectral recordings were displayed in color. An electromagnetic pulse would create a ground-based spectrum that was measured by an antenna and recorded by the DAQ system.
Front Panel Web Publishing LabVIEW, HTML, Java Script Housing Remote Control
Expand Summary Duplicated the Front Panel of a LabVIEW GUI to HTML code that allowed a smart device (tablet or phone) to control the LabVIEW application remotely via a web page.

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Technical Strengths:

LabVIEW, Vision Systems, Visual Basic, Python, Fortran, Assembler, C/C++, MySQL.

Past Experience

Software automation for food industry, inspection systems, microscopy and satellite remote sensing.

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What I love about my job:

I love the ability to be innovative every day by pushing the envelope and feeling proud for creating solid software that satisfies our customers' needs.

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