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Automation & Test

Drawbridge’s approach to test ensures the development of modular, configurable, scalable and maintainable test systems that serve customers over time. In addition to test services, Drawbridge can design appropriate data acquisition systems to meet every customer requirements. We can also work with you to address your test instrument needs.

Past Drawbridge projects include applications that leverage the power of tools like FPGA, NI LabVIEW, NI LabWindows-CVI, NI TestStand, C/C++ and C#. To provide the best and most up-to-date expertise available, Drawbridge Engineers attain and maintain certifications, and the Drawbridge staff includes National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Developers. Also, Drawbridge is home to one of the world’s few LabVIEW Champions.

Recent Projects

Additional Projects

Dev. Platform Industry Project Type Project Summary
Rotary Kiln Monitor CompactRIO, LabVIEW-RT Mining Turnkey, DAQ
Expand Summary Provided a system that incorporates an algorithm to monitor the shell of a rotary kiln for surface shape in order to prevent premature wear of the bearings.
Automated Acoustics Tests LabVIEW, Sound & Vibration Toolkit Housing Automation, DAQ
Expand Summary Redesign and improve current test facilities by providing turnkey solutions (hardware, software & installation services). Develop an autonomous test system that verifies the effectiveness of sound barriers between multiple rooms. At one facility, the project involves robotics to carry out measurements at any location using a single microphone within 8 rooms.
House Efficiency Monitor LabVIEW Housing Automation, DAQ
Expand Summary Implemented a data-acquisition system to fully monitor environmental conditions, inside & outside houses, such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, power consumption, water flow, and natural gas consumption. An array of instruments was used for the data acquisition.
Utility Pole Flexural Strength LabVIEW, Vision Toolkit Power Test Software
Expand Summary Developed an application to measure the force required to break a utility pole and measure the bend angle before breakage.
Automated Assembly C# Optics Automation
Expand Summary Developed a C# application to control micromotors within an automated optical assembly system.
Qualification Test Software LabVIEW Aerospace Automation
Expand Summary Developed the fully automated system for qualification testing of direct to satellite modem with local network distribution. The modem provides WiFi service within commercial airlines.
Packet Microwave Verification LabVIEW Wireless Product Verification
Expand Summary Provided a single software solution that allows testing various products as well as to mix and match products to verify backward compatibility and interoperability.
Memory Device Verification LabVIEW Fabless Semiconductor Test Software
Expand Summary Developed software application to control and test memory devices for design verification. The software provides flexibility by allowing to exchange instruments shared between the hardware designers.
Controller Test System LabVIEW & TestStand Agriculture Production Test
Expand Summary Worked on software automation solution to test high voltage control panels. The software allowed configuration for the entire family of products as well as customized variants of the base products.
Hydraulic Valve Test Station M Series DAQ, LabVIEW Automotive End-Of-Line Test
Expand Summary Created an application to control end-of-assembly-line test that acquires data from pressure transducers, flow meters, digital IO, and communication with a PLC.
Ruggedized SBC LabWindows-CVI & TestStand Avionics Production Test
Expand Summary Provided turnkey solutions from test fixtures for functional and environmental stress screening tests, to automated production test software to verify functionality of single-board computers.
Semiconductor Design LabVIEW Semiconductor Automation, DAQ
Expand Summary Developed LabVIEW software to verify the design of wireless semiconductor products.
Optical Amplifiers LabVIEW Photonics Test Software
Expand Summary Developed software applications for Engineering design verification and production testing of optical (photonics) amplifiers.
GPS Design Tools LabVIEW Semiconductor Design Verification & Test Software
Expand Summary Developed Engineering design test tools and production test software for GPS / Galileo LNA products.
WiFi Test Station LabVIEW Wireless Communications Production Test
Expand Summary Implemented automated software to program, configure and verify individual wireless assemblies. Created an application to control end-of-assembly-line test that runs the wireless system through a simulated environment using an array of antennas to verify the full functionality of the system and how it adapts to the simulated environment.
Satellite Modem LabVIEW Semiconductors Design Verification & Production Testing
Expand Summary Created automated software solutions for the Engineering design tests and pre-screening test of semicondutor devices. Implemented automated software that acquired measurement data from various instruments, such as spectrum analysers, for production tests of satellite modems.
Single Board Computers Tornado VxWorks, C++ Avionics Operating Systems, Hardware Drivers
Expand Summary Create drivers and self-test functions for Board Support Package of embedded software that is part of single board computer products destined for commercial and military airplanes.
SBC Test Functions VxWorks, Solaris, Gnu-C Avionics Production Test
Expand Summary Create functions that offer additional utility during production tests.

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C, C++, LabVIEW, Perl, JAVA, SQL, Oracle, Javascript, BASH, PHP, HTML, XML, Linux, VHDL, Robotics, Hardware Design.

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Automated software development, Sound & Vibration Analysis, Web applications, Data Acquisition Systems, Database, Network Administration.

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The opportunity to work with new and innovative technologies, alongside some of the best in the industry ensures that work is exciting each and every day.

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