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Embedded Software Development

Companies often face aggressive schedules that limit their embedded development, the system integration, and validation of every requirement that define their systems. With Drawbridge, you get the support and expertise of an Embedded Software team that provides specialized experience in writing compact and efficient embedded software which adheres to the highest standards such as DO-178B/C. We decided to adopt the Agile Software Development process for many of our projects.

The embedded applications that Drawbridge provides are easily maintained and can scale to meet additional requirements. Drawbridge Engineers help customers scale and grow their software over time by providing support, training, and on-site engineering services. Drawbridge has assisted in the development of many embedded systems for aerospace, defense, instrumentation, telecommunication, and vision systems. Our expertise extends beyond the firmware code that resides within an embedded processor or microcontroller; we develop operator interfaces and displays that allow simple and elegant control of the device or instrument. 

Recent Projects

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Technical Strengths:

Assembler, C, C++, C#, SmallTalk, ADA, Pascal, Perl, JAVA, SQL, Java Scripts, PHP, ASP, HTML, XML,VxWorks, Integrity, DSP, ENEA OSEck, Linux, Embedded Software, Real-Time OS.

Past Experience

Driver development for embedded OS, Board Support Packages (BSP), GigE Vision Systems, Single Board Computers, PBX, wireless access terminal. Software applications for aviation trainers, web, data acquisition systems. Support various processor architectures and compilers.

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What I love about my job:

There are always opportunities to expand creativity by being involved in a project from inception to production. I participate in prototyping, designing, developing, integrating and testing the products I help to develop. There is diversity in software development. I enjoy the challenge to write code that is efficient, readable, robust and well documented.

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